With our sister company, New Jersey Concierges, for over a decade we have helped numerous busy professionals with their personal needs (car, home, travel planning, etc…) while they were at work.

Now that work has moved to our homes, we want to help those of you looking for a different view outside your window to find a place to call home for 90 days to 9 months in southwest France (to begin with).

A room with a view where your work will thrive and you will have time to embrace local sights, culture and food.

Mediterranean Work and Play

work and play

Why wait until retirement

Life experiences have a way to pass us by before we realize.

Why wait until later if you can have some life enriching moments now?

We will set things up for you at your new destination in as many ways as we can so you can settle in smoothly.

guiding you

your guides

serge lescouarnec

joel lescouarnec